Why work with Passion Amérique ?

You own a brand closely related to the travel industry ? You would like to give it a boost by displaying it in front of a highly targeted and engaged audience of travelers and United States lovers ?

Would you like to use the influence of a blogger known on social networks as a specialist of the United States ?

If so, you came at the right place ! Not only am I really passionate about travel and the USA but my everyday job is Digital Marketing Manager… I’m well aware of online communication, advertising, social networks and 360° digital strategies.

As a travel blog specialized in the USA, there are several skills and services I can offer to brands, destinations and persons wishing to increase their visibility online.

Passion Amérique has always had one goal : produce quality content aiming at only one purpose : to make the readers dream about travelling the USA and make them do it !

My first trip to the USA was in 2005 and I’ve, since then, experienced several kind of trips : Solo trips, backpacking with friends, family trips, road-trips and now couple trips with Cassandra who helps me with the communication strategy and pictures ! These experiences allow me to write about a lot of topics and, every single day, my readers and followers ask me a lot of questions about travel planning, things to do in a certain place, where to sleep or eat in a specific city, what are the best object to take with us while traveling, etc.

Since the creation of the blog in 2014, I really focused on my social networks community and search engine optimization. That’s why my blog ranks in the top 3 positions for search queries like « hot dog », « what to do in Miami », « how to immigrate in the USA », « where to live in the USA », « when is the best time to visit San Francisco » and that we are now more than 26000 persons on Passion Amérique social networks.

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45 000

monthly visitors

23 850

Facebook Likes

3 660

Instagram Followers


email subscribers

Passion Amérique was created in November 2014. What started as a simple blog for my friends and family quickly became an essential part of my life ! I now dedicate several hours every week to this project, when I’m not already working on my full-time job.

My writing skills and the blog posts quality have largely improved over time and, approximately 120 posts later, my blog has become a reference for every traveler wishing to plan their trip to the USA. The blog posts are written about specific destinations but also cookingculturemust-have travel objects like cameras or luggage, traveling tips, etc.

The search engine traffic to the site has increased by 255% between the end of 2015 and the end of 2016 and is always rising. The site now welcomes more than 30 000 unique visitors each month with peaks going up to 45 000 during holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas). My audience is mostly French (78%) but also American (6%), Canadian (4%) and Belgian (3%).

Of course, travel being a passion best shared, social networks have been really important for me right from the start. The Passion Amérique community on Facebook represents more than 21 000 highly engaged followers (the page went from 12 000 to 20 000 fans in less than 6 months) with posts that often reach more than 100 000 people (600 000 people where reached by one of my last videos recently). On instagram, the community has taken a little bit more time to increase but now represents mofre than 3 300 people. Finally, I’m really active on pinterest and approximately 225 000 people interact with my pins each month (Source : Pinterest Analytics)

To sum up:

  • 3 years of existence (since November 2014)
  • +255% SEO traffic between the end of 2015 and the end of 2017
  • Up to 45 000 unique visitors each month
  • More than 22 650 followers on Facebook
  • More than 3 650 followers on Instagram
  • 225 000 people interacting with my pins on Pinterest each month.



Whatever we do together, I’m always looking for a win-win deal, whether it be for my partners, myself or, most importantly, my readers.

Destination Marketing

You have a state, a hotel or an activity to promote and you’re looking for quality content written about it, that makes people wanting to go there ? Let’s organize a blog trip then !

During our time with you, Cassandra and I will put together an entire story-telling about your destination with an entire communication strategy that could include : detailed blog postquality picturesvideosposts on social mediaFacebook Live, etc.

While we travel, we are really commited to taking beautiful pictures that will make the readers want to experience the same things we did.

Of course, we enjoy your destination in a way that is natural for us, while respecting your needs and the interests of the blog readers.

Remember, with more than 26 followers on social networks and 45 000 unique visitors on the blog each month looking for only one thing : planning their travel and asking tons of questions every day, this is a real opportunity for you to get a lot of exposure in front of a 100% targeted audience.

Example of a video we made during our last trip in New England : 

Social Media Marketing

You have a really hot piece of news that you want to put in front of everyone ? A new product hitting the market ? A hard-to-resist sale ?

I can publish your information on my social networks and Newsletter. That’ll make you reach at least 27 000 people that dream of only thing : traveling to your destination !


Of course, several posts can be made and I can also boost those posts to increase your visibility.

Product Testing

Just like with destinations, Cassandra and I love to test products in direct relationship with travel and/or the United States. If your brand fits in these boxes, we will be very happy to test your product and write our review on the blog and the social networks.

Be careful though, we keep a 100% independence on reviews and if, for whatever reason, we do not like your product, we won’t hesitate to say so in the review.

Video Creation

You want to deliver a message to a really passionnate and targeted audience of travelers and USA lovers in a format that is both viral and educational ? I can create a video for social media that will highlight your informations !


My audience absolutely loves contests (who doesn’t ?). The pros of a contest are that the reach, the virality and the engagement on the posts are excellent… This is an amazing way to promote your brand ! Not only do you earn more visibility, you also increase your followers count and potential customers.


Unless a lot of bloggers, I really think that online advertising is a good thing if it’s useful and relevant to the readers. I don’t use any intrusive format on the blog but the ads I have on my blog are located at the best places for maximum exposure. If your message is relevant to the blog, we can talk about a display advertising campaign for your brand.

Sponsored Posts

You can sponsor one or more blog posts in direct relationship with your brand. The pros of sponsored posts are :

  • Lifetime indexation of your content on Passion Amérique and search engines.
  • Quality content optimized for search engines with a link to your website and an anchor of your choice.
  • Promotion of social networks (more than 27 000 followers)
  • Promotion via newsletter and browser push.

Would you like to talk more about it ?

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